Comprehensive Financial Planning


The old adage “knowledge is power” applies to many things in life—most certainly to finances. You can’t take charge of your finances until you have the full picture of their strengths and weaknesses.

Do you have enough to retire? Are you and your family protected against unexpected loss from a sudden lawsuit, accident, death, or disability? Are you leaving money on the table by overpaying taxes or fees, holding unnecessary insurance policies, or selecting inefficient payout options for your deferred comp plan or pension?

Get the answers to these questions—and get empowered—through our comprehensive planning. We help you envision your dreams for the future and work with you to create a roadmap for getting there. We also run stress tests to look for hidden dangers and risks to give you confidence in reaching your goals.

What is financial planning?

We’ve found that most people aren’t fully aware of what financial planning entails. It’s more than a summary of your net worth or a cash flow projection. It entails a comprehensive review of your entire financial picture, after which we create a workable plan to make sure you reach your goals in the best way possible. We look at areas such as the following:

  • Multiple scenarios for when you can retire
  • Need for life, disability, long-term care and property/casualty insurance, along with strategies for protecting against these losses
  • Your current estate value and strategies for providing more to heirs and loved ones
  • Potential risks in your business, both external and internal
  • Opportunities to reduce taxes and fees with more efficient investment portfolios and tax planning
  • Maximizing the amount you give each year to charity
  • Potential gaps in your current estate plan
  • A deeper understanding of the benefits available through your company, Social Security, or other government pension program
  • The lapse risk of variable life insurance policies
  • Ways to minimize the impact of concentrated positions in the form of stock options, low-cost basis equity, real estate, or alternative investments

What is the process?

Here’s what to expect:

  • Discovery – First, we discuss your goals around retirement, home purchases and remodeling, vacation and travel, education for yourself and loved ones, providing for family members, charitable giving, and more. We then work with you to gather all of the information we need to run your plan.
  • Design – After a thorough analysis of your information we design a custom proposal that summarizes the challenges, concerns, and issues you shared initially, and any we discovered through this process.
  • Agreement – We present our recommendations and ask for your input. Based on this meeting, we finalize your plan and provide you with a final copy.
  • Implementation – We put your plan into action by creating an implementation schedule and coordinating with our network and your advisory team.

What does it cost?

We charge $2,500-$5,000, depending on the complexity of your situation. Additionally, if you decide to invest in our models or purchase an insurance policy through our firm, additional charges may apply for these services.

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