Corporate Retirement Plan Services

Small to mid-sized businesses require personalized retirement plan designs that differ from those of large corporations. Our business model can help you implement a retirement plan that fits your company’s needs.

A proper retirement plan is an important piece of a company’s benefits package. It allows owners and employees to save tax-deferred for retirement and increases workplace satisfaction.

Plan design, however, is never one-size-fits-all. Your business is unique and therefore deserves unique solutions. At Truuwater Financial, we understand your needs as a small to mid-sized business because we are one. As a result, we partner with 401(k) service providers and third-party administrators to design a flexible and impactful retirement plan targeted specifically for your company. We aim to provide a meaningful, customized experience for both you and your employees.

Retirement Plan Services Offering:

1. Investment Selection and Oversight: A plan’s investment menu needs to be comprised of options that are prudent for a wide range of participants. We help design and monitor your selection to ensure it continues meeting the needs of your plan.

2. Smart Plan Design: As your business has grown, you have faced different challenges that require different solutions. We help you understand which plan design will help reach your company’s unique objectives.

    • Plan Types and Features: There are many qualified and nonqualified plans to choose from, all with different features. We help you determine which plan type is best for your company.
    • Features: higher contribution limits, specified retirement benefit, fixed contribution schedule
    • Features: safe harbor, matching, automatic enrollment, automatic escalation, Roth election, flexible contribution schedule
    • Defined Contribution: 401(k) profit sharing, SIMPLE, SEP
    • Defined Benefit: cash balance, traditional pension

3. Participant Engagement and Financial Wellness: A retirement plan only works when participants are actively engaged in using it. Certain plan features, continuous education, and financial wellness programs help put participants on track to reach their retirement goals while maintaining peace of mind in their financial lives.

    • Did you know: Studies have shown that 38% of employees worry about finances at work several times a week or every day. In fact, 47% spend an hour or more on personal finances at work, with 15% of your workforce spending 3-10 hours per month on their personal finances at work. The study shows that 43% would be more productive at work if they weren’t worried about personal finances. All of this translates to the increased cost to employers.*
    • Competitive and Transparent Fees
    • Plan Benchmarking
    • Access to Industry-Leading Service Providers, Recordkeepers, and Third-Party Administrators
    • Dedicated Relationship Manager Who Knows You and Your Plan
    • Coordination of Plan Conversion or Implementation
    • Annual Plan Reviews
    • Annual Investment Reviews
    • Quarterly Employee Education
    • Operational Support

Already a Plan Sponsor?

When was the last time you benchmarked your plan’s health? Let us put your current plan to the test with a complimentary second opinion. After a thorough review we share our findings along with specific suggestions for improvements, or a clean bill of health if everything looks good.

Among other items we cover:

    • Fees: You may be overpaying on fees. Do you know what you, or plan participants, are currently paying?
    • Investment Lineup and Costs: Is your current investment lineup still appropriate for your plan participants? How much are investment costs eating into plan participants retirement funds?
    • Plan Design: As your company has grown, has your plan design kept up? Is your plan designed for your unique company and goals in mind?

Plan sponsors bear a lot of responsibility and liability. But as a business owner, you want to focus on running your business, not keeping current on your company’s retirement plans. Let us help alleviate the burden of running your plan.

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